About The Book

The end of a saga. The beginning of a destiny.

It's been a year since Mark Castle and the Army parted ways, and Mark has no idea what to do with his life. Finding no direction in college, he decides to leave Cleveland to seek out his future.

After a few stops, Mark moves to Santa Fe and takes a job in a hospital's dietary department. One night, while delivering food to its patients, Mark hears the cries of an elderly lady, begging that he stop a mysterious visitor that lurks the wards at night.

Soon after agreeing to help, Mark happens upon an inexplicable creature. A creature that seems to be draining the aura - the very life force -from its victims. Successful in scaring it off, Mark leaves Santa Fe to stop the entity before it can harm anyone else.

Landing in Las Vegas, Mark takes a job similar to his last. But it's not long before his special "abilities" are noticed. Approached by the head of a Las Vegas Mafia family, Mark is asked if he'd like a better job - a job where he can put his special skills to use. Although hesitant, he agrees, joining their crew and becomes the newest Hitman on their payroll.

Will Mark finally find his destiny? Or will his next meeting with the soul devouring creature be his last?


“I am afraid I do not have time to answer them,” Colat replied. As the last word left its lips, I saw the creature – and its traveling companion – blur as if I was looking at them through a pane of leaded glass.

Unable to stop it, I shouted out one more question. “Colat! Can you tell me where to find this thing?”

As the blur of black mist dissipated, I heard a quavering and fading voice say, “It, and its companions, can be found in your western deserts.”

“That’s extremely vague!” I shouted to a now empty room.
After a few seconds debating what I should say – what eulogy I should give – I cleared my throat to speak. But the second the words started Blackjack’s body suddenly moved in my hand. With unbelievable strength, the cat wriggled from my grasp and lunged forward, digging his claws deep into my chest.

Looking toward me with soulless eyes – his face mere inches away from mine – he suddenly let out a blood curdling scream.

I walked out of the bedroom a few minutes later with tears slowly running down my face. As soon as my mom saw me, she knew what’d happened.

“Oh … I’m so, so sorry, honey!” she said, walking over to hug me.

Although I was twenty-eight years old and had seen and caused death many times, at that moment I felt like a small child. I knew that I’d lost a part of me that day. A better part. A stronger part. A part that I knew I’d never get back.

Readers’ Reactions


Julie Altman

“I am voracious reader-mostly action mysteries like jack Reacher. I found this trilogy very appealing even though I don’t usually do “supernatural “. Castle tells a tale with a fantastic flow of words, easy to keep the story going and making it difficult to put the book down. Though each is a “ stand alone” story, start with book one. You’ll find book 2 OUTSTANDING, and 3 gives a ice wrap up. Enjoy these books-I did.”

Vincent Dublado

Readers' Favorite

“One impressive aspect of Michael S. Vassel's writing is the pacing of events. You read about Castle talking about his discharge from the army and how his pursuit for higher education did not yield favorable results. Then you join him in Santa Fe, where his supernatural encounter begins. We are given a clear idea of what Castle will be facing and that the rash of attacks against humans continues. This is a vampire story that is worth sinking your teeth into (pun intended).”

Susan Sewell

Readers' Favorite

“Interlaced with magic, witchcraft, and vampires, Damned (Book 3 of the Castle Chronicles) by Michael S. Vassel is an exciting urban fantasy. It is a sensational and intriguing story with unique characters, an eerie ambiance, and a spellbinding storyline. Containing esoteric references, an ancient grimoire, incantations, and spell casting, the author has created a spine-tingling occult tale that is engaging and captivating. It is a compelling novel that will enthrall everyone who loves supernatural stories containing arcane magic and supernatural beings.”