A Hitman Walks Into a Bar …

About The Book

Sometimes a simple question can lead to the darkest of places.
After announcing his retirement to his friends at a local bar, Mike is unexpectedly left to celebrate alone. As boredom sets in, he notices the bar's only other patron - a man in a grey suit sitting at the other end of the room.

Taking a seat next to the stranger, Mike introduces himself in hopes of striking up a conversation. As their dialog ensues, Mike asks a seemingly harmless question.

"So, my friend, what do you do for a living?"

Mark Castle, the dark figure beside him, gives a hint of a smile as he replies, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Intrigued by this answer, Mike persists. Eventually Mark gives in. "Well, if you must know, I'm a hitman ... and for the price of a beer or two, I'll tell you my story."

Fascinated and wanting to know more, Mike agrees to this deal. The question is, will the story be worth it ... or will the telling of the tale be more than he's bargained for?

Mark's tale starts in 1983, more than three years after the fateful night in which Mark lost his friends ... and most of the powers he called his gift. Having graduated from high school the year before, Mark knows he wants to go on to college. But he also knows he can't afford it.

"Join the Army," a friend suggests. "They're giving me enough for a four-year degree! I'm sure you can get a similar deal!"

With lack of a better answer, Mark acquiesces, and is soon on his way to becoming an infantryman. But, upon reaching the halfway point of his training, he's approached by an officer bearing an unusual offer.

"How would you like to come work for me?" the Lieutenant Colonel asks.

A wide-eyed Mark thinks for a moment before he responds, "What would the job entail?"

"Unfortunately, because of the nature of the assignment, I can't tell you about it unless you agree to take it," the Colonel states. "The only thing I can tell you is that, with your skills, you are uniquely qualified."

Should Mark take this enigmatic job? What assignment could he be uniquely suited for? And, more importantly, if he agrees to the Colonel's offer, where will this mysterious job lead him?


When he spoke the words imprisoned for life, I felt the blood drain from my face. After all the laws and penalties the Drill Instructors crammed into my head in Basic and PLDC, the words court martial alone made me want to run and hide.

Sensing my dread, he turned towards me. “But I trust that will not happen. Both of you would not have been chosen for this if I had any doubts about your discretion. I assume I’m correct in my trust in you.”

“Yes, sir. I mean, no, sir. I won’t say anything to anyone,” I blurted nervously as I looked between the Colonel and LT.


As soon as Martinez was within striking distance, Gabriel withdrew a large blade from his waistband and slashed Martinez in the neck.

A fountain of blood sprayed from the wound, covering one of the glass doors in a fine red sheen. Martinez, in an act of pure survival, dropped to the ground and quickly pressed his hand against the gaping wound.

“¡liberen a mi padre!” Gabriel exclaimed as he backed himself and the Colonel into the wall.


Although sickened by the sight, I found the nerve to reach over and touch him. I hoped to find a pulse. Gripping his wrist, I felt for any twitch, any throb, anything that would tell me I wasn’t alone.

As if struck by lightning, Bob’s hand shot out and grabbed my sleeve. I tried to jump away at the unexpected movement, but his grip was unbreakable. As I struggled for release, he slowly dragged forward until we were face to face. Bob’s remaining eye – filled with pain and horror seemed to look through me – through my soul.

Suddenly he screamed, “He’s here!  HE’S HERE! HEEEEE’S HEEEERRRRREEEEE!”

Readers’ Reactions


Peggy Jo Wipf

for Readers’ Favorite

“The first chapter drew me in completely and I knew this would be a compelling book. This is a superior novel, one that will be remembered when you get the feeling that someone is watching you. I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy military or paranormal genres.”

Rabia Tanveer

for Readers’ Favorite

“Boy, oh boy, was this a ride that left me hungering for more. Michael S. Vassel has done an incredible job of creating an environment where you cannot help but be absorbed in the story. An incredible story that will make your heart race. I loved every moment of it!”

Jennie Rosenblum


“You know that tingle you get and you don’t know where it came from. Well this author takes those and creates a world that quickly pulls you in. The intense world he has created in this series maneuvered me along to where it felt as if it was real.”