The Haunting of Matthew Keys

About The Book

Tortured in the present, haunted by his past.
After losing his wife, Samantha, in a horrible accident, it takes several months for Matt to realize his friends and family are right. He needs to move on with his life. He needs to let the past be the past.

Reluctant but resolute, Matt takes their advice. But, from the moment he steps back into the dating world, bizarre incidences start happening around him. Objects throughout his house are inexplicably damaged. His car's tires are mysteriously slashed. A pitcher of water abruptly flies across a table at him. And people he cares about are being seriously injured.

Adding to these occurrences is the sudden appearance of his wife's perfume throughout his house - the place he used to call their home.

Tormented by these manifestations, and troubled by haunting nightmares, Matt feels he is not alone. He knows, deep down, that his love has not left this world.

Are his feelings mistaken? Is his wife truly trying to harm him? Or is it something else; a malicious entity trying to end his life?


By the time I reach the top of the steps, my heart is pounding. This is partly due to the alcohol, and partly from the rush of adrenaline speeding through my veins. I tell myself this is stupid, that there’s nobody here. Hell, there hasn’t been another person in this house besides me for months. But it’s nighttime, and this is the west side of Cleveland. Anything could happen.

Something about this feels different. The house itself feels different. Something inside is yelling at me – screaming at me – that I am not alone in this place.


I sit that way for a few minutes - in the dark. The only illumination is the glow of the dash and its reflection off the walls. I sit there remembering her. Driving with her on vacation or trips to the store. Going to see friends and family. Driving to a secluded spot near the lake to watch the sunset. All the things that we did together. I would do anything to have that back right now. Then a random thought enters my mind.

It would be so easy.

It would be so easy to just start the motor. I have her key fob on me, in my jacket pocket. Sit here in the closed garage. Sit and wait as the air around me fills with fumes and slowly takes me away. I wouldn’t feel any pain. I would just fall asleep and drift off to be with her.


Shrugging, I turn again to face the window.

A face – broken and mangled – now looms in the window. The figure’s flesh has peeled away, and its long tangled hair – matted with dark dirt and blood – obscures its aspects. All the features are hidden except for one thing. A single eye that meets my gaze.

Without warning, the face – now attached to a form – is through the window. It stands two feet in front of me, glaring at me as I stare back.

I open my mouth to ask it what it is – who she is – when the specter lunges forward, grasping me by my arms. Face to face now, I can now see its mouth. A mouth that abruptly opens and starts to scream.

Readers’ Reactions


K.C. Finn

for Readers’ Favorite

“I really enjoyed this concise, sharp thriller for its many interesting psychological properties and the very satisfying way that the plot comes together as a whole right at the very end. The Haunting of Matthew Keys is a super and highly recommended work of thriller fiction, not to be missed.”

Anne-Marie Reynolds

for Readers’ Favorite

“A compelling reading … a story that gradually creeps up a hill; when it reaches the top, hold on to your hats. Plenty of twists and turns … And you probably won’t suspect the ending – it certainly came as a surprise to me.”

Danielle Haas

Author, “Bound by Danger” and “Second Time Around”

“An endearing, yet torturous love story told in a way that only a gripping psychological thriller can. A great novel that keeps you guessing until the end—then cringing with delight and terror until the fate of Matthew Keys is revealed.”